Welcome to Our New Team Members (02/2024)

news The exPer lab is happy to welcome Moritz Pischel and Vanessa Pallentin as new team members. Moritz joined in October 2023 as a PhD student and member of the SMiP graduate school. Vanessa joined in February 2024, filling in for assistant professor Meike Kroneisen (who is on leave). We also welcome the student assistants who have joined recently or are about to join our lab: Julian Nawrocki, Nils Steiger, Sina Niederau, and Nele Jaworski. Welcome, everyone!

Where to find us and how to get in touch

campus map Campus Landau, K Building, 1st floor (floor & office plan)
Fortstraße 7, D-76829 Landau, Germany

To get in touch with any of our lab members, see their respective contact information. Please direct general queries to:
Gül Yigit